Disability Products

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Medical Products

Please also check out the medical products offered via other sources.  Our web store provides producs of all kinds of interest to those with a disability. We have searched for the best prices and highest quality around. We will receive a commission for sales on those items. 

Medical Products 1

Products include:  

  1. Pulmonary Products via the Pulmonary Place
  2. Assistive Furniture such as lift chairs
  3. Home Diagnostic Products (BP monitors, oximeters, etc)
  4. Bathroom Supplies (assistive and safety)
  5. Walking Aids (walkers, canes and more)
  6. Wheelchairs (manual and power)

Medical Products 2


  1. Portable Ramps
  2. Safety Pole Grab Bars
  3. Anti Embolism Stockings
  4. Nebulizers and Accessories
  5. Orthopedic Cushions and Pillows
  6. Dressing Aids and Reachers
  7. Low Vision Aids
  8. Adaptive Eating Devices/Utensils
  9. First Aid Supplies

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